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From: Matt Callen

What I'm about to reveal to you, may very well be the most important marketing advice you've ever read. Following this same advice rocked my business and has literally quadrupled my income the past 2 years. You ready for this?

The KEY to making big money online is
generating traffic and leveraging the work of others.

You see, every one of us only has 24 hours in a day. (More like 12 hours if we're being realistic)

If our time is spent:

Doing all of the market research
Finding profitable keywords each month
Writing all of your website content
Posting the content to your blogs and websites
Submitting the content to directories
and so on and so forth...

... our productivity would be extremely limited. On top of that, the end result wouldn't be close to the quality it could be if I "leveraged the work of others" to help me create an amazing product.

When I first started online several years ago, this is exactly what I did. I did all the work myself, which even included creating the graphics. It took me nearly 4 full months to create the website and actually start getting a very small stream of visitors. What in the world was I thinking?

I'll tell you what I was thinking... I was thinking from an entirely WRONG perspective on how to create a successful online business. I wasn't leveraging the time and skills of others like I should have... All I knew at the time was I spent an awful long time to make very minimal profit in the end. I should have leveraged the time and work of others!

Not only that, but I thought the best way to get visitors to my site was to just pay for it. That was a BAD idea!

Here's another insider secret, and mistake
I made early on in my marketing career...

"Don't Pay For Traffic When You
Can Get It For FREE!"

Here are some stats from just a few of my websites. The traffic shown here is 100% free traffic that I am getting primarily from search engines and articles...

My Website #1 - reached almost 300,000 visits in one month!


My Website #2 - gets almost 100,000 visits a month!


My Website #3 - practically 10,000 visits in a single month...

Getting highly targeted FREE traffic to your website is a whole lot easier and beneficial to you than forking over hundreds of dollars in advertising, PPC costs, or any other means of paying for traffic.

In the beginning I learned this the hard way, after wasting thousands of dollars for visitors who didn't want to buy my products, click on my Adsense ads, or subscribe to my newsletters. In the end, I got very little in return for thousands of dollars I spent... and even worse, I wanted to quit the whole 'online thing' altogether!

That would have been one of the worst decisions of my life!

I finally discovered something that literally rocked my business to higher ground. And it ended up being probably the easiest online strategy I'd ever implemented.

It literally took me a combined total of only 3-4 hours to implement with my website. That's the TOTAL time... After following these methods one single time, I literally didn't touch the website anymore, and let the traffic pour in from the search engines.

And the best part....

"It's The Absolute, Single Most Effective
Marketing Tool for Generating FREE Targeted Traffic
To Your Website..."


"Within Just ONE Week, The Steady Increase of Site Visitors and Adsense Earnings Have Proven To Me That SimplyPLR Works!"

Many people say that Article Marketing is one of the most effective promotion methods.

I have struggled to get it started due to 2 main reasons - English is not my foreign language, and I can't write about unfamiliar topics.

This isn't a problem anymore! With the help of SimplyPLR, the above issues have been completely resolved. Within a week, the steady increase of site visitors and Adsense earnings have proven to me that SimplyPLR works! Thank you so much!

Chokyi Ooi

What's this all about and how does it work 100% of the time? It's Article Marketing, and it can be broken down into 2 parts.

First, you write (or have someone else write) a high-quality article about the niche you're targeting. At the end of that article, you add a "resource box" that contains a link pointing back to your website.
Second, you submit your article to blogs, post it to your website, and send it to other article directories.

Now... webmasters, bloggers and anyone looking for content can find your article and use it on their own website...

So here's the beautiful part! Every site that uses your article, must include your resource box! That means you get inbound links pointing to your site from other pages all over the web.

There are 3 reasons why you want this...

1. You Get A LOT of Targeted Traffic

2. You Get Instant Expert Status

3. You Get Search Engine Credibility & High Rankings!

High search engine rankings is really pretty simple: The more backlinks you have, the more love you get from Google and other search engines.

I told you that article marketing was easy.

Here's the thing... I'm not more intelligent than you and I don't posess some super-power that lets me succeed online. The fact is, I'm just like you (and I struggle for a very long time), but I eventually found a strategy that worked and I found it a little earlier than you....

"Don't Waste Your Time and Money
Doing the Grunt Work, When
We'll Do It For You"

Leverage the Resources of Time-Tested Experts To Find
Profitable Markets and Write Article Content For YOU!

"Should I write my own articles or hire a ghostwriter to write original articles for me?
Or should I use PLR content?"

I always answer with the same thing… do both - IF your time and money allow you to. Each has their drawbacks and benefits.

Let’s say you’re just starting out, you have $150 a month spare to put into your business. Which route are you going to go with?

1. Write articles yourself and spend about 2 hours per article, not to mention the time it takes to research if the niche is profitable. Or if you don't want to write them yourself, you can do the research yourself, and then get 20 original articles written for you by a ghost-writer at the cost of at least $10 (if you’re lucky) per article …

OR ...

2. Get 225 articles written on keywords that have been researched and determined by a team of marketing experts to be profitable niches for less than a few cents per article.

Not only could you immediately use all 225 plr articles, but you could rewrite them with an automated article spinner to create dozens of unique NEW articles ready for submission and posting to your blogs!

The answer should be obvious, especially if you're just starting out or just learned the importance of leveraging the work of others.

"What if there was a simple and cost-effective way to
leverage the time and effort of my team of experts to find profitable niches AND write article content for you?

You would gain months of effort that would have gone into researching and creating everything yourself, plus you wouldn't have to worry about the quality of your articles. You'd actually appear to be an instant guru, with the perfect content and the perfect website...bringing in targeted traffic.

What we've done at SimplyPLR.com is we've assembled our very own, best market researchers and writers for YOU.

Yes, we're practicing what we preach. We're leveraging the work of others for YOUR benefit. And not just the work of ANY others... We're leveraging the work of the online world's best of the best...

These are the same guys that I personally use for all of my article marketing efforts.


Let us do the hard work for you, while you do the fun stuff. Making the money!
Remember... More Traffic = More Money!

What do you get as a member of SimplyPLR?

Each and every month
you'll receive the following benefits...

Your Member Benefit #1


225 Private Label Rights (PLR) Articles
each and every month...
Monthly Value: $10 per article X 225 articles = $2,250
Yearly Value: $27,000

225 PLR Articles Each Month!

Yes, you heard me correctly... 225 custom written articles per month.

These articles are written based on 225 pre-researched keywords that we've found to have tremendous Adsense and affiliate earning potential. Not only can you use these articles to attract the search engines, but you can use these articles as a mini-email course to build your email list!

Each article will be delivered in text format for easy download.

... and the best part is, you can do whatever you want with these articles. Modify them. Compile them into a blog report. Do whatever you want for your personal use. They're yours to keep!

Your Member Benefit #2


225 Spin-Ready Articles each and every month...
Monthly Value: $7 per spin-ready article X 225 articles = $1,575
Yearly Value: $18,900

225 Spin-Ready Articles Each Month!

No One Else On the Planet Provides This!

Each month, we'll take your 225 original PLR articles and add thousands of text and phrase variations to them. Then all you need to do is take the spin-ready articles we provide, plug them into our article spinner software with just ONE-CLICK and you instantly have dozens of UNIQUE articles that you can submit to article directories or post on your blog!

It's literally a ONE click of the mouse to send them to the article spinner!
It doesn't get any easier than this.

You can take those articles that already have thousands of text variations in them and throw them into our article spinner to produce hundreds of new, unique articles that you can claim as your own.

Your Member Benefit #3


Blog Automation Software

Automatically Post Articles To Your Blogs!

FULL Access to Our Proprietary Software (value: $167)

I decided that enough was enough, and I was just going to hand over my personal blogging software program to my members so that they could reap the same results that I have been with all of my blogs.

So what I've done is I took a software program that I had originally created strictly for my own personal use, and I told my programmer to implement it into SimplyPLR so that you can take any article and automatically post it to your blog at set time intervals.

There's absolutely no manual intervention, having to take the time to write each blog post, or figuring out when the best time to post is.

All you have to do is select any monthly article package that we provide, choose how many times you want a new article to be posted to your blog, and our blogging software will create a proposed schedule to post the articles to your blog!

*UPDATE: You can now use the software with ANY article that you own! You're not limited to only SimplyPLR articles.

We write the content, we set the posting schedule,
we auto-post the articles... and YOU Get the Traffic!


In fact, I actually use these same writers, market researchers, and article marketing software programs for my personal niche websites to make passive income with Adsense and affiliate programs.

The end result? You get large batches of the highest quality articles found anywhere on the internet, so that you can literally boost your websites to the top of Google, MSN, and Yahoo.


"You Have Put Together a Killer Combination
of PLR features... SimplyPLR Now Pumps Life
Into My Sites!"

Matt, You have put together a killer combination of PLR features: quality monthly content on a variety of in-demand topics, spin-ready articles, auto-posting to my blogs on a schedule that I choose... and you even added some unannounced bonuses that are icing on the cake!

I can even add my own articles into the auto-post stream. I'm taking it easy while SimplyPLR pumps life into my sites

Doug Younkin

"It's So Much Better Than All the Other PLR Memberships... I Now Have a True, Sit-It-and-Forget-It Site Building Experience!"

SimplyPLR is so much better than all the other PLR memberships!

How? First, the quality of the articles is so much better than the norm. PLR is supposed to save time, right? Great quality writing means I can concentrate on more important tasks than rewriting.

Next, there's the option to get spin-ready articles. These spin-ready articles are the real human intervention kind that produces unlimited UNIQUE quantities of article variations.

On top of that, SimplyPLR gives me the ability to drip-feed these articles onto my blog, and I now have a true sit-it-and-forget-it site building experience.

Arthur Turner


Check out an example case study of mine where I used these EXACT article marketing methods...

3 months later, we increased our traffic by over 2,000 people. And we didn't put any more work into it. The search engines picked up more links to our website from the couple hours of work we did with article marketing.

"More Traffic = More Money... 100% Guaranteed!"


"After a Very Short Time We're Starting To See Some Really Great Results!"

You Callen brothers are amazing!

My partner and I are following all of your teachings and actually implementing your strategies, and after a very short time we're starting to see some really great results! Keep up the great work.

RockinJay and Bill Hayes

"With SimplyPLR, I'm Able to Find More Time,
and Work Less!"

Hi, Matt. You are a really great marketer who only wants to help others to succeed. Now, with SimplyPLR I am able to find more time and work less. It's the perfect package with PLR article, that includes high profitable keywords plus original and unique content.

The thing I like most is that with one click I can automate scheduled postings to my blog with the content and the good part about all of this is that SimplyPLR.com is working for you while you are sleeping or on vacation.

The amazing part is that SimplyPLR.com is so easy to use that someone with only an intermediate level of English like myself can use. Just think what I can do now...There's no limit...It's AMAZING andSooo CHEAP!!

Henry Diaz


So - given the costs (not to mention the time) required to write original articles yourself...

...Or even given the cost of hiring a freelance writer to do do all of the original writing for you, taking the chance of them having the knowledge about the topics you need content for,, let alone taking your invaluable time trying to teach them about each topic, worrying that they aren't going to plagiarize the content from other sources, and then sitting around waiting for them to make any additional edits... and on... and on... and on...

I think you'll agree that leveraging our professional market-research team and writing staff for only $137/month is an overly-fair price, don't you think?


$97/month would be a complete steal, right?

That's The Price You Could Pay If You Waste
This Opportunity and Continue Procastinating...
Act Now and Get It For 50% Off!

But if you're a person of action... someone who is moving toward your dreams of making serious money online from the targeted visitors you get from article marketing,, and you act NOW... you can gain private access for the bargain basement price of only $137 $97 $67 per month for a Limited Time!

Your special rate of $137 $97 $67 per month will be locked in for the LIFE of your membership, but ONLY if you join us today. You can see for yourself that we don't offer this price ANYWHERE else.

Here's the deal...

We only have a limited number of membership seats available. Once they're gone, we can't guarantee we'll be able to open the doors to our membership ever again.

And... we're NOT going to charge an arm and a leg for the service.

Nope, we want any and everyone to be able to succeed online, no matter what your budget.

Seriously, I want to put 100% of the risk on me.

I'm completely confident in offering 1 entire month of SimplyPLR.com membership for a measely $67/month!

Yep, I'm giving you complete access to an entire month's worth of products mentioned above, for only $67 just to prove to you that SimplyPLR.com is changing the lives of its members, all over the world.

And if after 30-days, you agree that SimplyPLR.com is everything you need and more to grow your business to the next level, we'll continue to bill you $67 each month therafter.

At the end of the day, if you're not at least doubling your investment, simply cancel. And I'm not one to hide our cancellation process. Within the member's area, there is a giant "Support" menu button. Simply submit a support ticket asking for cancellation and we'll cancel your membership immediately.

I realize that this special $67 deal will lead to a few people ripping us off, but I didn't create this offer for those people. It was created for those 95% of people that are serious about increasing their online income.

With that said, I'm willing to deal with the 5% of scammers out there, in order to help the "good guys".

Yes, I want the online world's best market researchers and article writers to do the work for me so that I can generate thousands of visitors to my sites from Google, MSN, and Yahoo!

I Understand This Is A One-Time Only, Special Membership Offer And It Will Never Be Made Available To Me Again.

I understand that I will be able to download the monthly PLR article packages after my purchase, which contains 225 unique PLR articles and 225 original Spin-Ready articles based on highly profitable niche topics each month at only $67/month.

I will also receive full private access to the SimplyPLR proprietary blog automation software that will help quickly build my niche websites and can double, triple, or even quadruple my website traffic.

This is not offered ANYWHERE else.

I also know that I have nothing to lose, considering article marketing is 100% guaranteed to increase your website traffic.

I want to take advantage of this special access to SimplyPLR.com for only $67/month. Sign me up!


Order with confidence on 100% secure servers.

Your credit card statement will show a charge from Clk*Bank.com.


(I reserve the right to end this offer at anytime without warning)


Start generating highly targeted, long-term traffic to your websites just like many of our core members by joining SimplyPLR today!

See you in the member's area!

All the best,
Matt Callen


P.S: Please do NOT click off this page unless you are positively certain you will not dramatically increase your website traffic with article marketing. Your success is our only concern.

P.P.S. To preserve the quality and credibilty of our current members, we cannot keep giving away memberships for this low of a price forever. We WILL increase the price or simply close the doors very soon... Guaranteed! So, don’t hesitate… grab your seat in the members area and start boosting your website traffic TODAY!

Order with confidence on 100% secure servers.
Your credit card statement will show a charge from Clk*Bank.com.


"SimplyPLR is such a Blessing to
My Article Marketing...
By Far The Best On The Net!"

I really love SimplyPLR. It is such a blessing for my article marketing, and better yet it's so easy to use the system.

Plus you then have the options to spin the articles with the article spinner, which is by far the best on the net. They have figured it all out for massive online article marketing and more. It is really a bargain for the money!

Tim B. Miller

"No Where Else Online Can I Get Something With Such a Great of Value and Service..."

Hi Matt, First, congratulations on the great service! We all know that one of the best long-term ways to get search engine traffic is by using article marketing - Absolutely.

And we also know that you are the guru in this area of expertise. Your membership offers a first class article marketing program - hands down. Where else can I have experts find and write for me 225 PLR articles about profitable markets every month? About getting all that free organic search engine traffic? No where else online can I get something with such a great of value and service.

Your auto-posting blog software is something very new to me and I can't wait to get a full benefits of this unique software. Thanks again, Matt.

George Peksa

"The Abundance of Articles Found In The Members Area Is Amazing!"

I am very impressed!
The program is so simple to use. The abundance of articles found in the members area is amazing for someone like me who hates writing (and hasn't the time to even try). Better still, we are provided with Spin-Ready articles which I think is an invaluable bonus! Thank you for providing such a great service.

Alda Venables

"The Services You Provide With SimplyPLR
are Truly Fantastic"

I personally feel you really want to help people like myself. Most other marketers just want your money and off they go. The services you provide with SimplyPLR and many others you offer are truly fantastic!

Chi Ndi

"SimplyPLR Is An Absolute No-Brainer!"

SimplyPLR is an absolute no-brainer! What made the difference for me was that you have a spin-ready version of every one of the many PLR articles! So I can simply pick an article, spin it using the built-in article spinner to create a brand new original piece of work and send it off to my blog straight away, straight from your site!

Anyone would have to be completely loco not to see the immense value of SimplyPLR! Thanks again Matt! And again, and again, and again...

Phil Meyer


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Order with confidence on 100% secure servers.
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